Our Products


Beaver Creek Transport Inc., strives to meet the feed and animal health needs of livestock and companion animals through products. Our experience team is committed to providing you with innovative solutions and premium products. 

Dried Sugar Beet Pulp

Dried beet pulp is the beet reside remaining after juice has been extracted for sugar or molasses production. Beet pulp, while low in protein and fat, contains unextracted carbohydrates (nitrogen free extract) and has high fiber content. Beet pulp fiber is primarily cellulose and hemicelluloses, both easily digested by ruminants. 

TroPro Pellet

This feed ingredient is sourced from what is commonly known as poultry litter. Poultry litter is fresh wood shavings that has been used as bedding for baby poults for five to six weeks. This material is dried and pasteurized to produce a safe dried protein and fiber source. To learn more contact us at: TrojanNutrients@gmail.com

Organic Commodities

We raise organic corn and kidney beans. 

Food Safety Modernization Act Program

Since 2016, Beaver Creek Transport Inc. has had a complete food safety program. We are compliant with FSMA regulations and training. Placing Preventative Controls Qualifies Individuals (PCQI) in our facilities. Ensuring that all ingredients going into our feeds come from approved supplies and that all manufactured feeds meet a high standard of quality and traceability. Our team is committed to delivering quality feed and service.