Environmental Friendly

Environmental Friendly

Beaver Creek Transport Inc. is the lead customer for Kenworth's T880, CNG fueled. 

First Kenworth T880s on Natural Gas Fuel

The first T880 Kenworth tractors were delivered to Beaver Creek Transport in 2015. The trucks are equipped with natural gas fueling systems. The trucks are powered by a 400 horsepower 11.9 liter ISX12 G engine from Cummins Westport. The trucks have a 145-DGE back-of-cab fuel systems from Salt Lake City based Worthington Fuel Systems. The trucks are equipped with a 145-diesel-gallon-equivalent back-of-cab CNG fuel tank assemblies made by dHybrid, which is now Worthington Fuel Systems. 

According to Kenworth, Beaver Creek Transport saves about $200 in fuel costs each day operating both trucks compared to the cost of operating its diesel-powered trucks - even with diesel prices currently at about $3 per gallon. 

Natural Gas has been a great addition to Beaver Creek Transport Inc.. Beaver Creek Transport moves products from the farm, but in 2007 they began specializing in the transportation of poultry litter from area farms to the FibroMinn power plant in Benson, MN. The 55-megawatt plant generated electricity by burning 700,000 tons of poultry litter each year. Beaver Creek also transported 125,000 tons of fertilizer derived from FibroMinn waste ash. The fertilizer was made at North American Fertilizer, an adjacent manufacturing facility that opened when the power plant began operation in 2007.