NAF Micro Fertilizer

NAF Micro Fertilizer

Fibrominn – a 55 megawatt power plant burns more than 500,000 tons of poultry litter annually to produce electricity. The ash derived from the burning of the litter produces a nutrient rich fertilizer. A portion of the ash is transported to our warehouse in Olivia, MN.

NAF Micro fertilizer is not a blend. Each particle of NAF Micro fertilizer, in addition to P and K, contain secondary and micro nutrients we have eliminated the need to try to blend only a few pounds of a micros with a few tons of primary fertilizer, the balanced make-up of NAF Micro fertilizer allows for a more consistent application of nutrients.

NAF Micro fertilizer is sold as a GUARANTEED analysis of readily available, soluble plant nutrients. Because of the litter/biomass fuel burned may vary slightly, the analysis may also vary. Because we guarantee the content, we label to the lowest analysis, which often results in supplying NAF Micro fertilizer that exceeds label by 10-25%.

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